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At Fair Oaks Financial, we know time is limited for everyone in this complex, ever-changing world. Making the best use of this precious resource is very important. Our process will find out if we can be of service to you with your investments and financial planning concerns. We start with a 30 minute phone call to determine if we are a good fit and can help. If so, we would then schedule a Zoom meeting to further get to know each other and find out what is important to you and why.  If continuing the discussion is in your best interest, documents and statements would be requested to begin the planning process. The next meeting would be to look at potential outcomes based upon that information. We would then mutually discuss options to improve your probability and address any other areas of concern. Once a course of action is agreed upon, the necessary steps and paperwork needed to implement your plan will be started. Thereafter, ongoing monitoring and scheduled meetings will be conducted to keep your plan up to date.  

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